About SedNL

SedNL is a network library providing a messaging system. To communicate beetween servers and clients, you send messages. Servers and clients react to messages by callback functions. This library aim at providing a simple and clear API to encapsulate the complexity behind a such behavior.

SedNL provide a messaging system above the TCP protocol. A massage is made of a string, the name, and a set of variables, the packet. Packet are typed so that constency could be easily checked. Reaction to an incoming event is handled by binding one of your functions to this event. The API is flexible and allow binding different kind of objects (Functions, Functors, lambda, etc.). Handly of event, and consumption of messages are made in an ansynchronous way. The number of working threads can be finely tuned. You can have a look at the official documentation.

Our philosophy

Stand alone: SedNL is, and will stay, a stand alone library. It is not a framework, agregating lot's of different libraries, and trying to be the best cofee machine over the world. Like a good linux tool, this library does one thing, and does it well.

Words matter: Because a good concept is nothing without a way to expresse it clearly and in an understandable way, the api was thought and re-thought so that both reading and writing code with SedNL was intuitive. Even if you just started.

Stability: To be a good library, you have to:

  • provide a set of usefull functionalities,
  • have a good documentation,
  • maintain your code and backpropagate bug-fixes.
If any feature appear to be required, or simple makes things easier to do, it will be integrated quickly in a backward compatible way. There is no good reason for breaking a code just because "we have a better idea no than before".


What does SedNL provide?


By using typed message, sednl guaranty that client and server speak the same language.


A clean and readable API for fast learning and writing.


SedNL provide a simple API to enable serialization of your own class. Sending an instace of your class take one line.


Efficients backends are implemented for many operating systems.


SedNL was designed to prevent fault by memory exaustion or unhandled exceptions.


By binding functions or lambda to specific event, the library allow easy handling of asynchronous messages.


Learn by following some easy tutorials


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Demo 3

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