Simple Event Driven Network Library
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\NSedNLThe SedNL library namespace
 oCSlotA slot which can contain a callback
 oCConnectionDefine the the Connection type wich handle a connection and allow sending Event objects
 oCEventA user event
 oCConsumerDescriptorContain a consumer mutex / condition variable
 oCEventConsumerA consumer object. It consume certain kind of events from an EventListener
 oCEventListenerListen from events and incoming connections
 oCExceptionThe root of SedNL's exception tree
 oCTemplateExceptionDescribe how to build a SedNL::Exception
 oCNonCopyableClass inheriting from NonCopyable won't be copyable
 oCPacketA packet
 oCPacketReaderA reader (allow reading content from a Packet)
 oCRingBufA ring buffer, for implementation purpose
 oCSafeTypeAllow to protect a type T with a mutex
 oCSafeQueueA std::queue like protected with a mutex
 oCSocketAddressContains an inet address (ip(v4 or v6) and port)
 oCSocketInterfaceDescribe functions that Connection, TCPClient and TCPServer should have (like a connected / unconnected state)
 oCTCPClientCreate a connection to a server
 \CTCPServerBind a server socket (to allow listening for incoming connections)